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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Ireland Leigh Ann Hendrickson who was born in Wisconsin on March 16, 2005 and passed away on April 06, 2005 . We will remember her forever. After being blessed with two awesome boys, we recieved our beautiful gift from God.  She was so full of life and beauty. She was so perfect. As a stranger has said to me; "too perfect for earth".   We were blessed to have enjoyed her for three weeks until a terrible disease (meningitis) stopped her little heart. Ireland,you are greatly missed by Mommy and Daddy so much.You were everything mommy had dreamed of and wished for, and more.  Holton said today"where my sister?". "Let's go get her". Tayler misses you, too. We will love you forever.You affected our lives from the beginning and always will. Always in our hearts.  See you in heaven LITTLE ANGEL.

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Little Angel   / Mommy And Holton (with love )
Yesterday on such a beautiful day we were playing outside. Gathering flowers, as Holton called it. Picking dandellions. Holton looked at the sky. He thought he saw the moon. this is what he said; "It's not the moon, mommy, wave,wave mommy." I waved a...  Continue >>
To Ireland:   / Lori Krahn (Mom's Friend )
I would just like to tell you, Baby Ireland, that I used to work with your mom for a short while 15 years ago.  I ran into her yesterday at a benefit for a little boy who was very sick.  She shared her heart-breaking story of your short lif...  Continue >>
Today  / Mommy
Today is the day we meet your cousins, a very special day for April & Bryan. Ireland, my angel, please rest on their shoulders today. I love you, my little butterfly.
In the arms of an angel   / Mommy
This morning my little girl, I believe you have met my grandma. your great grandma. She is so kind and wonderful, and I know you will like her singing voice more than mine. Last night when I spoke to her, I told her to hold you tight and ki...  Continue >>
His and Hers   / Mommy And Daddy
Helpless. They both feel helpless. But they each seek their own roles. They have to find a way to cope, To soothe their shattered souls. He wants to take away her pain,And make her safe once more. She wants to share her tears with him, Bare herself t...  Continue >>
My daughter  / Mommy     Read >>
My little butterfly  / Auntie April     Read >>
Miss Ireland  / Lori Lund (Aunt)    Read >>
In sympathy  / Robin Driessen Bruecker     Read >>
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